Head Shot Photography

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Head Shot Photography

Head Shot Photography Edmonton

Head shots are meant to show the world that you mean business. They show your personality, your drive, your interests and your experience in the corporate world. You want to tell people that you're a professional who takes your job seriously.

Growing your business, establishing yourself, and showing your best side are all important in the corporate world. A photo of you that sets you apart from the crowd, whether it be on a business card, advertisement or magazine article, can make all of the difference. Andrew Shaw Photography allows you to set the tone for your business encounters for as little as $125 for an annual shoot. Andrew offers professional and experienced service to ensure you make a lasting first impression. 

Head Shot / Profile Picture Photo Packages

The KickStarter: Start with a 30 minute, in-studio package that puts you in the best light and allows you to show your confidence to the world. Great for LinkedIn, business cards, billboards, dating sites, and websites.
*Ask about the annual headshot/discount program with up to two shoots per year

The Contender: Take it a step up and have a full hour session in an outdoor photoshoot at your office or in a nature setting and really show off your personality, drive, and passion for your career. Bring a change of clothes and have two different looks to give off a well-rounded impression. Maybe you wish to show your photos in a magazine article, or want to show more personality capture the true you. This package gives you the opportunity to do so. Great for LinkedIn, business cards, and websites.

The Champion: Take things to the next level. You are your own boss, you want to look your best. Your upcoming awards ceremony, newspaper article, or promotion demands that you put your best foot forward. Get a 2 hour photography session in up to 2 locations of your choosing. 

Regardless of which package you choose, you can be assured that the photos will sparkle and have your name written all over them. Receive 2 printed and framed 5 x 7" images for your office and home.

Contact Andrew today to learn more or to book a head shot photography session.

Andrew Shaw offers a variety of service surrounding but not limited to:

  • Head Shot Photography

  • Business Profile Pictures 

  • Media Ready Profile Photography

  • Personal Profile Pictures

  • Portfolio Pictures

Not Sure about working with us? check out our Testimonials and case studies today! We are here to help and can get your project done on time and on budget!

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